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Study of the Chemical Composition of Different Pipeline Varieties of Jute Fibres

August, 2003

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name:

DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2003.1463.1467 move

Issue: 16 | Volume: 6 | Page No: 1463--1467

Zakaria Ahmed
Zakaria Ahmed


Chemical composition of different pipeline varieties of jute (Corchorus capsularis and C. olitorius) fibres has been studied. The promising varieties which have been taken were C-718, C-2005, C-2193, C-2035 and OM-1 and experiment was carried out to know their moisture content (%), cellulose content (%), hemicellulose content (%), lignin content (%), ash content (%) and fat content (%) in three different parts of plant- top, middle and bottom. Moisture content was found highest (12.6855%) in bottom part of C-2035 variety and lowest (8.24%) in top part of C-2005 variety. In bottom part of C-718, cellulose content was found lowest (58.24%) and highest was found in the top part of C-2035 variety. Hemicellulose was found highest (23.73%) in top part of OM-1 and lowest (16.39%) in middle part of C-718. In case of lignin content, it was observed that 17.98% was found in bottom part of C-718 which seem to be highest and lowest (13.61%) was found in top part of C-2193 variety. In the top and bottom part of C-2005, ash content was found lowest (0.112%) and highest (0.995%) respectively. Fat content was highest (2.172%) in OM-1 variety and lowest (1.099%) in C-2193.


Zakaria Ahmed
Zakaria Ahmed