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Welcome to Scholar9 - Your Academic Companion!

Scholar9 serves as a convenient, all-in-one platform for both researchers and journal publishers. We offer a robust set of resources and advanced technological infrastructure to simplify their tasks. Our core mission at Scholar9 is to furnish researchers with a comprehensive platform where they can proudly exhibit their accomplishments. Additionally, we provide journal owners access to a vast pool of editors, reviewers, and article authors, enhancing the efficiency of their publication processes.

How Scholar9 Benefits Researchers?

Scholar9 empowers researchers by offering an authoritative directory of reputable journals, ensuring that every researcher can easily locate the right platform for sharing their scholarly work and innovative discoveries in the form of research articles. Our intuitive interface streamlines the process of becoming a reviewer or editor for Scholar9-listed journals, removing any unnecessary complexities. Holding positions as a reviewer or editor can significantly boost a researcher's API score and enhance their career prospects.


How Scholar9 Benefits Publishers?

Scholar9 specialises in providing hosting platforms for a diverse range of prestigious journals. Our goal is to link these journals with a substantial community of researchers actively searching for reputable platforms to publish their scholarly contributions. This approach ensures that journals published by our partners receive extensive attention from a diverse research audience.

Through Scholar9, publishers can effortlessly identify suitable article reviewers and editors based on the thematic focus of their journals. With just a simple click, they can extend invitations to these experts. In this capacity, Scholar9 acts as a reliable authentication intermediary, ensuring the credibility and authenticity of both parties involved in the publishing process.

Scholar9 serves as your comprehensive solution for all your research requirements. We provide a comprehensive suite of features and tools designed to enhance your research activities and efficiently manage your records, including:


About Me

Showcase your academic journey and research interests to create a comprehensive academic profile.



Highlight your expertise and specialties, making it easier for peers and institutions to find and collaborate with you.



Document your academic and professional journey, giving credibility to your profile.



Display your academic qualifications, creating a complete overview of your educational background.


Publication & Citation Metrics

Keep a record of your research papers, making it easy to track your academic contributions. Understand the impact of your research with the following world leading citation tracking and metrics. PlumX Metrics, Altmetric, Dimensions and Scite.



Highlight your research projects, demonstrating your involvement in cutting-edge work with funding you received from the reputed institution.



Document your participation in academic events like conference, seminar, symposium, webinar, workshops, etc. showcasing your engagement with the academic community.



Manage and showcase your certifications, bolstering your academic profile.



Display your affiliations with academic societies and associations, indicating your commitment to your field.


Invited Position

Highlight any special positions or roles you've been invited to, showcasing your expertise.


Honours & Awards

Display your academic achievements and recognitions, establishing your excellence in your field.


Doctoral and Master Thesis Guided

Showcase your mentorship and academic guidance skills, if applicable.



Highlight any patents you've been involved in, demonstrating your innovation and practical contributions.

At Scholar9, we understand the challenges that researchers face in today's fast-paced academic landscape, and we're here to empower you on your scholarly journey. We try to provide researchers with a comprehensive and one-stop platform to showcase their achievements and simplify their research management process. We are dedicated to supporting academicians in their pursuit of excellence and making their lives easier through cutting-edge technology and valuable resources.


At Scholar9, we're committed to fostering collaboration, driving innovation, and helping you succeed in your academic endeavours. Join our thriving community of researchers today and experience the Scholar9 difference.

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