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Polyacralamide – A Potential Option of Salt and Alkali Free Reactive Dyeing on Cotton

September, 2022

Article Type: Research Article

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DOI: 10.32474/LTTFD.2022.05.000207 move

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Zakaria Ahmed
Zakaria Ahmed


In present experiment, the fibre modification technique based on polyacrylamide was used where the effects of the characteristics of the cationic agent and the pretreatment conditions on dye ability of reactive dye were investigated. It has been observed that the fixation and K/S values of the reactive dyes on the cationic cotton were improved compared with those on the untreated one in the presence of salt and alkali. The maximum K/S value (19.673) found with 4% polyacrylamide and normal process K/S value (13.135). The use of polyacrylamide influences the treatment of K/S value wash and rub fastness of the salt-free dyeing were satisfactory; and anti-crease property, tensile, tear strength and handling of the cationic cotton were also good compared with the of the normal dyeing process


Zakaria Ahmed
Zakaria Ahmed