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Design And Develop Infant Carry Bed Using Aloe Vera Fabric Dyed With Pomegranate Peel

Published On: April, 2023

Article Type: Research Article


Issue: 4 | Volume: 11 | Page No: c28-c32


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The Research on design and development of infant carry bed has been carried out by using aloe Vera fabric which is dyed using pomegranate peel. The carry bed for the little one is becoming in more demand as the parents are conscious about their baby's health and safety. Infant carry bed is invented by the Europeans that is been followed for decades which was later mass produced and sold all over world. In Canada, Ashley was the first maker to start producing nests in 2013. She was the one who modified the baby nest with chevron quilted resting space for the baby's safety. The fabric in current carry bed brings lot of skin allergies to baby's skin as fabric used is hard and also most of the fabric are not breathable material. Aloe Vera fabric has an incorporated with aloe Vera gel which is good for skin and also it repels outside moisture and cold as it has large number of pores. This fabric makes the baby feel warm when it is cold outside and cold when its hot outside. The fabric is dyed with Pomegranate peel as it contains lot of flavonoids, antioxidants and phenolic acid which boost the cell regulation. The carry bed was constructed by using wadding material and suitable accessories which is light weighted, comfortable during travelling.


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