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Analysis of physio-mechanical properties of pineapple leaf fiber

November, 2022

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name: International Journal of Life Science Research Archive

DOI: 10.53771/ijlsra.2022.3.2.0127 move

Issue: 2 | Volume: 3 | Page No: 113--116

Zakaria Ahmed
Zakaria Ahmed


The present research demonstrated that different fiber intimate blends allow the broader use of pineapple leaf fiber for the textile and clothing industries. This fiber is obtained from the leaves of pineapple plants by extraction, carried out to separate the cambium and fiber using a decorticator Machine. The physic-mechanical properties such as bundle strength, whiteness, lustre, linear density, breaking load, breaking extension tenacity, textile modulus were determined as per standard method using different testing machine. There is correlation between length, width and thickness where, if the length is higher than width and thickness also higher. Pineapple (PALF) has tremendous mechanical properties and can be applied in making eco-friendly textile goods. Density of PALF is similar to other natural fibers while Textile modulus is very high, and tensile strength is highest among the related natural fibers. These properties are suitable for its application so this pineapple fibers by blending and mixing with other natural fibers and can be produce various types of cloths.


Zakaria Ahmed
Zakaria Ahmed