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Studies on Concrete using Fly Ash, Rice Husk Ash and Egg Shell Powder

May, 2010

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name: International Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering

DOI: 10.6088/ijcser.00202010028 move

Issue: 3 | Volume: 1 | Page No: 362-372


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Through out the world, concrete is being widely used for the construction of most of the buildings, bridges etc. Hence, it has been properly labeled as the backbone to the infrastructure development of a nation. Currently, our country is taking major initiatives to improve and develop its infrastructure by constructing express highways, power projects and industrial structures to emerge as a major economic power and it has been estimated that the infrastructure segment in our country is expected to see investments to the tune of Rs.4356 billion by the year 2009. To meet out this rapid infrastructure development a huge quantity of concrete is required. Unfortunately, India is not self sufficient in the production of cement, the main ingredient of concrete and the demand for exceeds the supply and makes the construction activities very costlier. Hence, currently, the entire construction industry is in search of a suitable and effective the waste product that would considerably minimize the use of cement and ultimately reduce the construction cost. Few of such products have already been identified like Rice Husk Ash (RHA), Fly Ash, Silica Fumes, Egg shell etc. Amongst these RHA and Egg shells are known to have good prospects in minimizing the usage of cement. C

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