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Role of Media in the Promotion of Tourism Industry in India

October, 2014

Article Type: Original Article

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Issue: 3 | Volume: 1 | Page No: 187-192

S Praveenkumar
S Praveenkumar

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The role that the media are playing in the various aspects of life is becoming increasingly greater day by day, especially in spheres like social interaction, and cultural and educational aspects of our life. As archaeological monuments can articulate the traditions, customs and heritage of the past, the media can in its turn clarify today's values and civilizations of the different countries and hence attempt to correct any widespread erroneous information. Both the media and archaeological monuments have messages and missions with various dimensions. The media contribute greatly in activating tourist attractions. Media are playing an important role in the growth, development and promotion by creating a better awareness and understanding to cater to the needs and requirements of domestic and international tourist as one knows is every traveller is a ‘potential’tourist, It depends upon the campaign of professionals (media professionals and tourism experts) of the industry to tap this potential and convert the ‘potential’into the’actual’clients (tourist). In this world of constant technological evolution, consumers especially tourists are changing their behaviour patterns looking for more “tourist-friendly” sources of information. Thus this paper focuses on the impact of media in promoting Indian tourism industry worldwide.


S Praveenkumar
S Praveenkumar

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