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Persian Adaptation of Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Scale: A Psychometric Analysis

September, 2014

Article Type: Research Article

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DOI: 10.2466/08.11.PR0.114k16w1 move

Issue: | Volume: 114 | Page No:


The validity and psychometric properties of a new Persian adaptation of the Foreign Language Reading Anxiety Scale were investigated. The scale was translated into Persian and administered to 160 undergraduate students (131 women, 29 men; M age = 23.4 yr., SD = 4.3). Rasch model analysis on the scale's original 20 items revealed that the data do not fit the partial credit model. Principal components analysis identified three factors: one related to feelings of anxiety about reading, the second reflected the reverse-worded items, and the third related to general ideas about reading in a foreign language. In a re-analysis, the 12 items that loaded on the first factor showed a good fit with the partial credit model.