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Partially Replacement of Cement using Silica fume and Metakaolin for Geopoymer concrete

Published On: May, 2019

Article Type: Research Article

Issue: 5 | Volume: 5 | Page No: 195-199


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Abstract—In construction field, geopolymer concrete is the new one type of concrete based on alumina-silicate binder order is compared with calcium-silicate hydrate mode of concrete. it possesses advantage of rapid strength gaining, elimination of water curing of mechanical and durability properties. It is an ecofriendly concetre and alternative to ordinary Portland cement(OPC) based concrete. This paper present to investigate the compressive strength of geopolymer produced by partially replacement of cement with silica fume and metakaolin. Here OPC is replaced with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% combination of both silica fume and metakaolin. In geopolymer concrete the sodium hydroxide(NaoH) and sodium silicate(Na) used for study as alkaline liquid for geopolymerization process. the geopolymer concrete specimens tested for compressive strength at the ages of 7, 14, 28 days. The GPC concrete mixes with normal grade M25.

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