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Modeling Local Item Dependence in Cloze and Reading Comprehension Tests Using Testlet Response Theory

January, 1970

Article Type: Research Article

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Issue: | Volume: 37 | Page No:


In this study the magnitudes of local dependence generated by cloze test items and reading comprehension items were compared and their impact on parameter estimates and test precision was investigated. An advanced English as a foreign language reading comprehension test containing three reading passages and a cloze test was analyzed with a two-parameter logistic testlet response model and a two-parameter logistic item response model. Results showed that the cloze test produced substantially higher magnitudes of local dependence than reading items, albeit the levels of local dependency produced by reading items was not ignorable. Further analyses demonstrated that while even substantial magnitudes of testlet effect does not impact parameter estimates it does influence test reliability and information. Implications of the research for foreign language proficiency testing, where testlets are regularly used, are discussed.