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Luminescence and Electrical resistivity properties of Cadmium Oxide naoparticles

April, 2011

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name: Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

Issue: | Volume: 49 | Page No: 234-238

Amrut Lanje
Amrut Lanje

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Cadmium oxide (CdO) nanoparticles have been prepared by precipitation method using cadmium acetate and ammonia solution. The electrical resistivity (ρ) has been measured at low temperature using four-probe method which is found to be 0.351 Ω-cm at 7 K and 0.264 Ω-cm at 300 K, respectively. The decrease of resistivity with increasing temperature indicates the semiconducting behaviour. The activation energy values are found to be 0.06 meV in temperature range 7-15 K and 0.6 meV in 39-152 K from temperature dependent resistivity. Photoluminescence (PL) spectrum shows band edge emission at 395 nm and green emission at 550 nm. Green emission arises from the oxygen vacancy of CdO materials because of recombination of a photo generated hole in valence band with an electron in conduction band


Amrut Lanje
Amrut Lanje

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