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Experimental study of Partially Replacement of Hospital Waste to Fine Aggregate and adding Micro silica

May, 2019

Article Type: Research Article

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Issue: 5 | Volume: 5 | Page No: 160-164


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Abstract-- Disposal of used plastic as a major problem in the current era and the usage of plastic is growing day by day and it creates pollution.so effective ways to recycle and reuse of plastic are being formulated and reusing in concrete. The used plastic waste collected, cleaned and grains into smaller particles. The granules of plastic is less than 4.5mm in size the density is found to be 460kg/m3 and the s pecific gravity was 1.1.In addition to add micro silica in concrete. The mix were cube casted in 0% ,13%(plastic +micro silica),26% ,39% ,52% ,65% .that should be sand replaced with pulverized particles of plastic and micro silica respectively using M25 Grade of Concrete. The strength of the proposed concrete is found after 14days and 28 days by using compressive testing machine.

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