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Experimental and finite element analysis of Two wheeler Suspension system using stainless steel material

January, 1970

Article Type: Analysis Study Research Article

Journal Name:

DOI: TIJER2305222 move

Issue: 5 | Volume: 10 | Page No: 899-904


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Abstract - Helical spring is a mechanical device which is designed to carry, pull, or push loads. A study on the performance of helical spring used in the suspension of a two wheeler is undertaken in this work using stainless steel for the spring. The spring constants, load carrying capacity and the spring deflection are studied. It is found that this spring has the highest corrosive resistance and highest load carrying capacity. The results from the analysis of stainless steel material is obtained and compared with the carbon steel material for the two wheeler suspension system. Key words - Helical spring, stainless steel, carbon steel, NX-CAD

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