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Design and Development of Sustainable Fashion using Khadi Fabrics dyed with Nutmeg Fruit and Indian Purple Yam Natural dye

Published On: May, 2022

Article Type: Research Article


Issue: 5 | Volume: 10 | Page No: f251-f256


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Khadi fabric, commonly known as khaddar, is really a cotton-based natural fibre which is manually woven. The non-violent Indian people were used Khadi, hand spun or hand woven Indian cotton cloth, for the weapon against the colonial rulers. Khadi fabric created manually from Indian communities with cotton yarn spun on a wheel called "charkha". khadi is a unique craft that is strongly connected to the India's history. As significant in sustainable fashion, Khadi is really a type of eco-friendly clothing. The need for Khadi is increasing significantly. All the natural dyes can't be used as colour for every fabric. The best is to utilise the natural dye in natural material like cotton, linen, silk, wool for best result. Natural dyeing & colouring is not just a healthier for the wearer and the environment, but it is more environmentally friendly over the chemical solutions. Khadi is facing problems due to lack of knowledge among people and businesses. GST's effect on khadi have raised the cost and reduced the sales and have increased cotton farmers' difficulty. This has led to research and innovation projects to enrich the sustainable product development using khadi. Khadi fabric maybe in off white color or the fabric will be bleached. In the present project effort is made to develop sustainable khadi fashion using Natural Dye from Nutmeg Fruit and Indian Purple Yam. The main aim of the project is to develop a sustainable fabric and development of shade card with natural dye on Khadi Fabric. Sustainable fashion is now a new trend in the fashion business which seeks to reduce waste to the environment by textile industry. Today people are more aware about sustainable product and as per the survey report, people are preferring for sustainable product with comfort. In the present study, Khadi fabric is dyed with dye extracted from Nutmeg fruit and Indian purple yam. The mordant used are alum and myrobalan. The shade card was prepared with different concentration of dye. The dyed samples were tested for color fastness test. Nutmeg dyed fabric with alum mordant gave better result in both dry and wet rubbing fastness and wash fastness rating of 4.5.


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