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The Interdependent Part of Cloud Computing: Dew Computing

October, 2017

Journal Name: Intelligent Communication and Computational Technologies

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Hiral Patel
Hiral Patel


Consumers educe umpteen advantages by placing private data enclosed by cloud computing utilities, although the hindrance of keeping data in such kind of services is the unavailability of consumers own data in absence of Internet connection. To figure out this enigma in an effective and excellent manner, new computing that is independent as well as collaborative with the cloud computing is emerged denoted as Dew computing. The Dew computing is revealed and realized as a fresh layer in the currently distributed computing hierarchy. Dew computing is placed as the base level for the Fog and Cloud computing archetypes. Hierarchical and interdependent separation from Cloud to Dew Computing satisfies the necessity of low and high-end computing demands in day to day life. These new computing paradigms diminish the expense and enhance the execution especially for ideas like Internet of Everything (IoE) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This paper presents basic concepts as well as cloud–dew architecture with working flow of dew computing, the correlation among Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, and Dew Computing along with comparison among all these paradigms.


Hiral Patel
Hiral Patel