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Smart Cost-Effective Shopping System using Radio Frequency Identification Technology

February, 2023

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name: IEEE

DOI: 10.1109/icais56108.2023.10073829 move

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This paper presents the smart shopping system with the help nodemcu8266 and the passive RFID reader which transfers the collected information from the webpage which is been connected. The proposed system is designed with the payment gateway to make the customers to make shopping smarter. It is an upgraded system for better shopping experience and user friendly. The billing is also done with the help of the designed web page. The payment process will be quick and secured in such a way that customer can preview their bill details directly before payment which makes shopping better and even more easy. The requirement is simple and it includes the following hardware components namely NodeMCU, RFID reader, RFID sensor, lLED and buzzer which makes it cost efficient. The web server is specially designed with the heuristic algorithm which is works with the Arduino software