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Secure and efficient group based data retrieval from cloud storage using obfuscation and data mining techniques

December, 2017

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DOI: 10.1109/icsoftcomp.2017.8280087 move

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Hiral Patel
Hiral Patel


In current era of Computer world everyone wants a quick access of data from anywhere and on anytime. Cloud computing provides lots of benefits to user at cheaper cost and whenever required. On one side thousand number of users information become available on central premises and able to achieve location independency where as on other side this generate issues related to data security as well as quick retrieval of information by analyzing user documents. These issues are not directly under the control of user. If we don't take proper care while retrieving of relevant information from the document of thousands of users then it becomes very tedious process. It is also crucial to secure user information on cloud storage from unauthorized access. When user needs to search something, it will be searched in every available document which takes large amount of time making user job wearisome. Hence to accost revealed important issues, here we proposed an efficient secure searching mechanism in which user can get require details quickly without getting any type of burden. Our proposed scheme deals with efficient searching and securing user information in Cloud environment which increase trust level as well as adoption of Cloud.


Hiral Patel
Hiral Patel