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Performance of FACTS Devices on Power System Reliability

March, 2021

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Adequacy and security of the power system are authenticated by the reliability index, which is fulfilled by flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS). This paper confers various features and modes of operation of FACTS devices and evaluates their performance on the power system reliability. The reliability evaluation on reliability test system (IEEE-RTS) is carried out using various FACTS devices like SVC, STATCOM, TCSC, and UPFC. The reliability indices are measured using sequential simulation for each defined FACTS devices. The effects of FACTS devices depend on the system severity. The comparison of each device gives a precise idea for the selection of controlling devices in the power system reliability evaluation. The result implied in the paper gives variation of system reliability in the power system network both steady-state and transient conditions. The system setting up practice using combined adequacy and security deliberation offers a bonus to reliability-based aspects