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Opportunities and Challenges of Eco-label Practices in Bangladesh for Promoting Environmentally Conscious Consumers

September, 2023

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name:

Issue: 6 | Volume: 4 | Page No: 1-7


Environmental degradation is a significant issue all over the world. In order to mitigate the environmental concerning issues, there is a need to develop policies in multidiscipline. Eco-label is one of them. The purpose of this research paper is to demonstrate the opportunities and challenges of Eco-label practices in Bangladesh for promoting environmentally conscious consumers. In order to meet the research objective, the descriptive method, in the form of observation and interview was adopted. The study identified that eco-label practices has some challenges like unawareness of customer about eco-label, lack of unified standard criteria and principles, unclear or misrepresentation of eco-label declaration, no authorized body and absence of expert for design & assessment of eco-label as well as it has create opportunities i.e. gain competitive advantage and products differentiation, create brand image and impression in national & international markets. Finally, it’s possible to educate consumers & build attitudes among them towards eco-friendly consumption.