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Nitric Oxide Oxygenation Reactions of Cobalt-Peroxo and Cobalt-Nitrosyl Complexes

May, 2023

Journal Name:

DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.3c00639 move

Issue: 19 | Volume: 62 | Page No: 7385--7392


Here, we report a comparative study of nitric oxide oxidation (NOO) reactions of CoIII-peroxo (CoIII–O22–) and Co-nitrosyl ({CoNO}8) complexes bearing the same N4-donor ligand (HMTETA) framework. In this regard, we prepared and characterized two new [(HMTETA)CoIII(O22–)]+ (2, S = 2) and [(HMTETA)Co(NO)]2+ (3, S = 1) complexes from [(HMTETA)CoII(CH3CN)2]2+ (1). Both complexes (2 and 3) are characterized by different spectroscopic measurements, including their DFT-optimized structures. Complex 2 produces CoII-nitrato [(HMTETA)CoII(NO3–)]+ (CoII–NO3–, 4) complex