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Minimax Optimization for Recipe Management in High-Mixed Semiconductor Lithography Process

August, 2020

Journal Name:

DOI: 10.1109/tii.2019.2957145 move

Issue: 8 | Volume: 16 | Page No: 4975--4985


This article addresses the application of minimax optimization in the control design of complex dynamic systems of the semiconductor manufacturing. We highlight the main challenge in the control system of high-mixed wafer fabrication during the photolithography process called overlay control. In the semiconductor photolithography process, the sophisticated and high-mixed setting is generated by multiple recipe adjustments for the single scanner device. The high complexity will be moderated if there is a communication interface among the process variables. We design a communication protocol for the high-mixed photolithography process for overlay control. The proposed system is designed based on the recipe management system for distinct batches of recipes. The focal point of switching recipes performs as a communication hop, where aligning recipes together makes a multi-hop communication system for recipe management. The minimax decision rule optimizes the proposed multi-hop communication system to select the best parameter setting for each recipe and boost the overlay compensation.