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Forensic Accounting: A New Investigative Approach in Accounting

March, 2021

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name:

DOI: 10.21275/SR21227202840 move

Issue: 3 | Volume: 10 | Page No: 14-16

Binod Shah
Binod Shah

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Forensic accounting is not a new concept though it has grown in popularity in recent years. It has come into limelight due to rapid increase in financial frauds and white - collar crimes. Forensic accounting is the combination of accounting, auditing and investigative skills. It provides investigative functions and litigation support services to understand the depth and width of the financial scams happening in any economy. This research paper discusses the concept and history of forensic accounting, the need for it and services rendered by forensic accountants on the basis of secondary data collected from various sources.

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