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Experimental Study on The Mechanical Properties of Natural Fibers Reinforced Hybrid Composite

May, 2015

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name:

Issue: 5 | Volume: 10 | Page No: 12009-12019


The aim of the present work is to investigate the effect of hybridization of sugarcane bagasse and coir fibers as reinforcements in the polymer matrix. Composites made of natural fibers possess favourable properties like low cost, light weight, high strength and eco-friendly nature compared to synthetic fibers. It can be used for structural applications in aerospace and automobile industries. In this research work, two lightweight composite materials were developed, one with a linear pattern and other with the chopped pattern of sugarcane bagasse and coir fiber reinforcements. The developed composites were subjected to different tests to investigate their mechanical properties. Both the developed specimens were investigated for their tensile strength, hardness, and water absorption capacity to compare their behaviour. It is examined from the test results that the composite with the chopped fiber reinforcement holds better mechanical properties compared to the linear reinforcements.