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EASM: Energy-Aware Sink Mobility Algorithm to Prolong Network Lifetime in WSN

December, 2019

Article Type: Conference Article

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DOI: 10.1109/indicon47234.2019.9029040 move

Issue: | Volume: | Page No: 1-4

Nagarjun E
Nagarjun E


Traffic from all over the sensor network forwarded to the sink leads to quicker energy dissipation of the nodes situated around the sink compared to other sensor nodes deployed away from the sink results in energy hole problem. The aim is to gather data from all the sensor nodes, aggregate and forward it to the sink. WSN is logically divided into subgrids and each subgrid is uniquely identified and number of sensor under each subgrid is known to the sink. During the data aggregation process, the mobile sink move towards the potential subgrid so that the energy of all the sensor nodes is equally utilised. It is implemented through reconstructing the network and creating new routing paths in the network. The sink node moves to a new safe location where nodes have more residual energy, gets associated with new neighbor nodes which prolongs the network lifetime. In this paper, an Energy-Aware Sink Mobility (EASM) algorithm is proposed to enhance the lifetime of the sensor network. Simulation results are obtained and shows improvement in network lifetime.