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Designing EV Harness Using Autocad Electrical

April, 2022

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DOI: 10.1109/icsss54381.2022.9782226 move

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AS our earth's environment is getting polluted day by day thanks to all the pollutions and waste released into the atmosphere, together with it we are running out of resources from our fossil fuels. So as to extend the fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in air, the utilization of conventional ICE must be reduced and therefore the implementation of electrical vehicles had to be promoted. EV has many components which will be explained below. Although, so as for these components to function properly, we got to style the EV harness which connects all the components of the EV making it into one body. Wiring harness forms the nervous system of the electrical system in any vehicle electrical system design. However, thanks to lack of clarity at the start of the project, designing of wire harness is given the last priority. The aim of this project is to style an electrical vehicle harness consistent with the necessity of the most components of the EV and also to optimize cost, serviceability and assembly point of view, using AutoCAD electrical