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Design of Laboratory Based Waste Water Treatment Plan

January, 1970

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name: Int. Res. J. of Sci. & Engg

Issue: 3 | Volume: 2 | Page No: 104-111


The use of conventional water and wastewater treatment processes becomesincreasingly challenged with the identification of more and morecontaminants, rapid growth of population and industrial activities, anddiminishing availability of water resources. It is need of present day to find out proper and reliable technology which is use for the treatment of waste water.This paper present the finest design of laboratory scale wastewater treatment plant, which is a combination of natural and physical operations such asprimary settling with cascaded water flow, aeration, agitation and filtration(Dual media filter), hence called as hybrid treatment process. The economical performance of the plant for treatment of sewage showed in terms of reduction of organic load of sewage pollutants such as COD (80%), TDS (80%),TSS (81%), and total hardness (78%). Hence, this technology could be a good alternative to treat wastewater for landscaping, gardening, toilet flushing, floor washing, and irrigation.