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Assamese Drama

January, 1970

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DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.3867056 move

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Like other Society in India, majority of Assamese people are belongs to the middle class families. Member of these families are conscious about the own literature and culture. Sankardeva the father of Assamese literature and society maker had a great contribution to Assamese drama. ‘Chihno Jatra’ was the first drama of Assamese literature. To speed his ‘Ek Saran’ religion he wrote many dramas as an instrument of it and his followers also followed him. After the decade and time of Sankardeva British come to Assam to rule and they changed the environment of Assam. It changed the political, social and literal structure of Assam. Many Assamese authors wrote ancient, historical and modern dramas. All those dramas are taken as the very great wealth of Assamese literature. Without which Assamese race cannot prove their journey of civilization in the world platform.