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Agricultural Progress in India at the Present Time

December, 2022

Article Type: Research Article

Journal Name: Poonam Shodh Rachna

Issue: XII | Volume: 1 | Page No: 39-44


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The spread of the epidemic has had far-reaching consequences for India's informal economy, notably the agricultural sector. This study aimed to examine the consequences of COVID-19 on the Agricultural sector in Panchgani, Maharashtra, during the city's closure. The report looks at the impact of the shutdown on farming and related industries. The study also intends to examine the effects of the study region on the cheese making and dairy farming industries. There are many different types of businesses, but they may all be categorised as "agro-based" since they use agricultural goods as their primary raw resource. Panchgani's primary economic drivers are the agriculture-based "Pure Gold" and "Pure Berry's" sectors. In my opinion, the manufacturers have lost money on the distribution and sale of their products. Due to price decreases during the lockdown, farmers had to increase losses in the case of milk and agricultural items. Due to a debt crisis, businesses had to delay making any immediate investments. Therefore, the cost of the COVID-19 shutdown has been estimated by analysts to be 4% of GDP. Both primary and secondary data were used to determine the industry's future potential. As a result of the pandemic, we expect a decline in net profit of 15–20%. Keywords : Increased losses, financial problems, and the COVID-19

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