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Advancement of Green Banking Layout and Trend in Bangladesh

November, 2015

Article Type: Research Article

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Issue: 11 | Volume: 3 | Page No: 1160 – 1182


A considerable issue regarding environmental changes is growth positively that depends on to reduce cutting trees and to make green our surroundings as part of economic progress through time. Industrial development truly accelerates the employment, the side effect of which is to emit carbons that demurs the outlook of nature. The premature ruin of woodland is the obstacle to greenery advancement to stay with strong health. As a low-lying country, Bangladesh is the worst sufferer among the lands of South Asia. Financial sector is the only driving force to recovering from loss occurred day by day in various industries from the perspective of economic and environmental controversy. This sector finances a lot to industrial development. The root of all is nothing but banking. So, it is time to go green for which it is exigent to figure out and innovate the models, based on which the financial sector runs. The paper addresses the layout and advancement of green banking on the movement of financial institutions in Bangladesh. Keywords: Green Banking, Green Finance, Law, Environment, Economic Development