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A novel approach for securely processing information on dew sites (Dew computing) in collaboration with cloud computing: An approach toward latest research trends on Dew computing

November, 2017

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DOI: 10.1109/nuicone.2017.8325622 move

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Hiral Patel
Hiral Patel


A computer user nowadays requires freedom from managing data locally and wants that the data must become available anytime and anywhere. Here the term Cloud comes into existence which provides various services to its user without taking a burden as well as with cheaper cost. This gives much benefits to user but conversely it also suffers from some burning issues like confidentiality, availability, continuous Network connection requirement, integrity and many more. The user data is available on Cloud system and to process that data securely a providers need to process this data without displaying identity of the user. Secondly the user must be able to work with open environment even if the network connection is not available. First issue is solved using the anonymization techniques and for second issue we used an important new term called Dew computing. Dew computing together with Cloud makes a Cloud-Dew architecture which solves above mentioned issues. We are among few researchers who proposed a scheme which solved important issues related to privacy of user information in Cloud-Dew Computing architecture that may be one of the important open platform computing trends in the future.


Hiral Patel
Hiral Patel